Fortnite: Save the World Game Review

A brief review of Fortnite: Save the World video game

Fortnite: Save the World is actually the co-operative third person shooter survival based video game which is currently too popular in the gaming world. This particular game was developed and also published by a leading Epic Games for all the video game lovers. Initially, this video game was released as the paid version for the early access title for the Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 (PS4) on 25th July, 2017. The same game will actually be expected with the full free to play release in the middle of 2019. Gearbox Software also published the retail version of this Fortnite: Save the World game but the online distribution of the PC game versions is handled by the launcher of Epic.

Fortnite: Save the World game play:

If the players of this Fortnite: Save the World game consider the game play, the paid product actually gives you two different modes such as the co-operative player Vs environment “Save the World” that is unique to the main Fortnite game. When considering “Save the World” mode in this game, it is actually described as the co-operative sandbox survival game. At the same time, it is also about scavenging items, exploration, building fortified structures, crafting weapons and also fighting waves of the intruding monsters.

This game play is completely in the 3rd person perspective and the cycles between managing the resources of any player at the safest home base. Then, it is going out on the various missions in order to finish the quests as to gather the resources and also get the rewards in order to advance the story of this game. In the meta game, a gamer has a list of weapon and also trap the schematics, defender characters, hero characters and as well as the support characters along with the gathered resources.

Important features of Fortnite: Save the World game:

  • In the Fortnite: Save the World game, the schematics are probably used for the construction of the traps and weapons when on the gaming field.
  • The hero characters represent the different characters from ¼ classes which the player can make use of it during the mission and also used to assume the resource collecting missions which will make them engaged to use until they come back from the mission.
  • The defender characters in this game play environment can be called to help with the defense but only the 4 players will be allowed certainly on the mission.
  • There are also several numbers of the support characters who are all used to make the different non-playable squads which will provide the inactive bonuses to the different characteristics of the players such as armor, strength, building speed and health along with the huge numbers of the extra benefits.
  • These extra benefits will be given if a gamer can match the particular characterization attributes within a group.

The gamers can also spend your skill points which earned by the missions along with the technology points in order to unlock the new technologies and skills in this game play.